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Solid like your stone or quartz countertop 

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Lead Free 

No finish to peal or come off 

Spring retraction  

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Make it and Infinity Plus Package

A Lead Free Healthy Choice Faucets™ is part of the Infinity Plus Package

  • Infinity Solid Stainless Steel Faucet 
  • Infinity 16-gauge stainless steel sink 
  • Soap dispenser, grid set and basket strainer  

Warranty and Testimonials

Warranty Service

ANO stocks a full line of replacement parts AND has the expertise to help you fix any issue and the issue behind the issue. 

What our customers say.

 Thank you for your FANTASTIC service this week. Installed the new cartridge last night. Couldn't be more pleased. Please see below - post I made on the plumbingzone.   


James D. 

I was given Tom's name by my granite counter top contractor this past Wednesday. When I remodeled my kitchen 7 years ago my wife and I went out and bought a high end-expensive faucet (can't remember if it was Kohler, Delta, etc...). We handed the new faucet to our contractor and he insisted we try the Eclipse faucet instead...and we did. 

Very pleased the past 7 years.   However, the handle started to stiffen in the last several months (we have very hard city well water) and Joe, our granite contractor, provided me with Tom's contact info.   After leaving Tom a voice mail and text Tom called me back within 30 minutes! I described my issue and he told me what part would resolve my issue as well as guiding me to his company's web site that had a 2 minute video showing how to replace the part/cartridge. This was after he walked me through the install himself.  

From our Dealers

 Man you guys have great customer service. Between the Flooring, Furniture, Granite, & Windows divisions of the company we have a few hundred vendors we do business with and you guys are by far the best company to work with. If you ever have a person thinking about carrying your lines and they want to talk to one of your existing customers, feel free to give my name out any time you want.Thanks again

Andrew N

Dubuque, IA 

Another Dealer

Hi Karen!

I thought I would let you know (I hope you don’t mind) I used your response as an example of good customer service with another supplier today.

I appreciate all your help and letting me know when something will take longer then normal to get to me or any issue with any order we ever have!!!!!!!

Thank you, 

Thank you, Thank you!!

Mark  H 

From A Consumer

 Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for the assistance with the soap dispenser. I did what you recommended and you were correct. I was able to unclog it and it’s working fine.

Your SS sinks, faucets and soap dispensers are the best quality products I have come across in a long time.  I hope they stay that way because the quality of many products has declined drastically over the last few decades. Your customer service is superb! It is encouraging to know that there still are reliable products and services left.

Thank you very much!

Vera G 

And Another Consumer

 Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help!  I am sorry I did not get an email out to you for the parts I needed, but you know how they say bad things happen in threes.  Lets just say, I should be covered for the year 2014! 

 I did have full pressure in the cold line coming into the faucet, but must have loosened whatever was plugged beyond that when unhooking, rehooking & turning the shut-off back on.  A lot of junk did come out after a couple of tries. I have replaced the cartridge, head & aerator.  I now have running hot & cold water @ full pressure in the kitchen sink again  I do not have the spring installed yet, but will soon.

I was extremely happy with your help with this, I have never experienced this level of customer service for any product. I was very surprised to see the Fed Ex truck pull in just a couple of days later with all the replacement parts we talked about, even though I did not get the email out to you! It was very appreciated!!!

I have been very happy with both my sink & faucet, but now I am extremely happy with my purchase. I have nothing but great things to say about your products & especially your service!


Kelley F.

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